Tuan Vy – The Affiliate Intensive Mastermind


Affiliate Intensive Mastermind” You can call it The A.I.M. for short…

Which is perfectly fitting because everyone’s aim in the group is to “level up” in
every aspect of their game.

This is my first Online Based Mastermind so for those of you who are Internationally
based we can finally connect all in the comfort of your own home

Here’s what The Affiliate Intensive Mastermind is all about…

You’ll get exclusive access to a Private Portal where you can access
Videos, PDFs, Case Studies, Follow Alongs, and Recordings.

This is called the Content Vault Library Members Area.

The purpose of this is to have a centralized location for all the content material
so you can consume it at your own pace and in your own time

What kind of content will be covered?

Good question…

I’ll be sharing everything I know from my own experience on what it takes
to make it as an Affiliate and actually break things down in a how to manner…

Things like…

  • The Art of Running High Volume 7 Figure Media Buys.
  • Traffic Sources I Currently Use Outside of FaceBook.
  • Offer and Verticals I’m Currently Running.
  • Hiring Media Buyers, Team Building, and How To Compensate Them.
  • How to Be a Super Human and Achieve More in 1 Day Than Others Do in a Week.
  • An Inside Look at How I Run My Daily Operations and Affiliate Business.
  • Creating Sustainability with your Affiliate Business.
  • How To Build an Affiliate Business with Little to No Upfront Capital Investment.
  • How To Sell High Ticket Courses.
  • How To Execute a High Ticket Workshop.
  • Pricing Strategies and How To Squeeze The Most Profit For Yourself.
  • My ToolBox of Softwares and Tools I Personally Use.
  • My Sales Funnels, Scripts, and Processes for Closing Leads.
  • Adult Marketing in 2020 and What Works.
  • How I Track and Optimize My Campaigns and the KEY Metric I Look Out For.
  • Productivity and Personal Hacks That Will Give You An Edge and Win Back Time.
  • The Banking Side of the Business and How I Set Up My Accounts.
  • CashFlow Strategies and How To Grow a 7 Figure BankRoll For Paid Advertising.

Plus a bunch of other stuff if I wrote out would be longer than Schindler’s List….


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