SuperHi – Javascript for Designers


Learn how to work with Javascript to build interactivity into your websites. No previous Javascript knowledge necessary!

Javascript is one of the most-used web languages in the world but its learning curve is relatively steep. Aimed at people who design, this short course will teach you how to work with Javascript in a fun, creative way.
This course, perfect for beginners, is designed to get you up to speed with how Javascript works, how to think about event-driven code (e.g. on click, on scroll, on movement) and generally how to make design effects you’ll want to use in your own projects.
You don’t need to be a designer to join the course – all we require is a little knowledge of HTML and CSS.

What you’ll learn​


Learn how modern Javascript (ES6+) works, from variables and strings to arrays and objects


How to work with browser interactions such as clicks, hovers, mouse movements and scroll events


Work with smooth animations, transitions and delays to make your design work next-level good


Add in subtle (or not-so-subtle, it’s up to you!) parallax effects to your design work


Context is everything – make design changes, on the fly, as you scroll up and down the page


Best of all… you’ll learn how to be a better, more confident digital designer

Real world projects – Projects and code that you can alter and remix to add to your own sites and portfolio
Access the community – Join our Slack and connect with thousands of SuperHi students and alumni
Continued help – Help from our expert teachers and educators with years of experience in the industry
Resources – Resources to get you started and going post-course
8+ hours of video lessons – Practical, go-at-your-own pace learning

Anyone who is looking to learn Javascript from scratch in a creative, practical way.
You do not need any Javascript knowledge for this course. We would recommend a little knowledge of HTML and CSS before this course starts – if you don’t have HTML and CSS knowledge, try our book or join our Foundation HTML, CSS + Javascript course.
You don’t need to be a designer to join this course – you can work in any industry to join – but we will be teaching in a more creative style than most other Javascript courses you may see online.

A computer with Mac OS X 10.9 or above, Windows XP or above, or a recent Linux version installed and a broadband internet connection. Nothing else!


Page url

SuperHi – Javascript for Designers.part1.rar [2 GB]

SuperHi – Javascript for Designers.part2.rar [2 GB]

SuperHi – Javascript for Designers.part3.rar [2 GB]

SuperHi – Javascript for Designers.part4.rar [2 GB]

SuperHi – Javascript for Designers.part5.rar [2 GB]

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