SuperHi – Intro to React.js


Learn how to write cleaner, more flexible Javascript with React.js, an open-source frontend framework. Create beautiful websites with user interface components and easy-to-understand code!

As an ever-evolving, popular frontend library, React is widely used throughout the web. Even the SuperHi Editor and website are built with React!
In this course, we’ll take a practical approach to building creative, interactive UIs. You’ll learn how to build reusable components and modular layouts, that can be moved around and rearranged easily.

What you’ll learn​


What React is and why it’s great for quickly building feature-rich websites


React’s main concepts and how they compare to regular Javascript


Modern React best practices and hooks


How to think about web development in terms of reusable components


How to build rich user experiences and fetch data from backend databases


How to find and work with the best React libraries and plugins


6+ hours of video lessons – Content that covers React’s main concepts and best practices for building web applications
Resources – Useful resources to get you started and keep you going post-course
Continued help post-course – Advice from our expert instructors with years of experience in the industry
Real world projects – Projects and code that you can alter and remix
Homework exercises – Test your knowledge with exercises based on the course projects
Access to the SuperHi community – Join our Slack network of thousands of students and alumni around the world

This course is aimed at anyone who’s already confident (or confident-ish) with basic Javascript and wants to level up by taking a dive into building more feature-complete and immersive web apps in React.
React is becoming increasingly popular amongst designers as it takes a component-based approach aimed at re-using interface patterns and code. This makes prototyping and building real-world apps very quick without having to worry about technical nitty gritty.
This is a great next step for students who have already completed our Javascript for Designers and Advanced CSS + Javascript courses.

Visual Studio Code is our code editor of choice! It’s a powerful editor that comes with several built-in features and a robust marketplace for downloadable extensions. You’ll also need a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) with the latest version of Chrome installed and a broadband internet connection.


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