Newline – Creating a React Hooks Library


In this course, we’ll build a set of custom reusable hooks, a mini react-hanger clone, essentially going from nothing to a fully-automated publishing pipeline that follows the best practices. We cover common Hooks APIs every React developer should know, then dive straight into implementing Custom React Hooks, similar to what you will find in leading React libraries in the open source React ecosystem.

Course modules include:

  • Hooks API fundamentals
  • Developing custom React Hooks
  • How to write reusable React Hooks
  • Common React Hooks mistakes to avoid in your code
  • Transpilers and bundlers for JavaScript libraries
  • Using GitHub Actions to test, build, and lint your library
  • Publish your React Hooks library to NPM

The instructor for this course is Andrey Los who was the Frontend Platform Lead at unicorn startup Revolut, managing a massive 400k+ LOC monorepo with over 80 modules, apps, and JavaScript libraries. Andrey has extensive experience working with React in production, including tools like React, TypeScript, and GraphQL. Besides Revolut, he has worked for other leading companies including Thomson Reuters, UBS, and Deutsche Bank.



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