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Your Instructor Michael Simmons
Recognized as a leading entrepreneur (White House, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year, Inc. 30 under 30, Businessweek 25 under 25, Bank Of America).

– Built a multi-million business from scratch.
– Creator of the largest online community in the world dedicated to learning how to learn (54,000+ people).
– Has read thousands of books.
– Bestselling author who contributes to leading business publications.

“Investing in the course and the coaching service is the single most clever decision I’ve made in the last 10 years!
It’s not only the golden, distilled bits of practical and actionable knowledge you share, it’s the habits and attitude transformation I’m experiencing. I’m getting much more and much faster than I expected!”
– Alex Mera, Solutions Analyst at Tango/04 Computing Group, Barcelona, Spain
“I built an event management company in Madagascar with multiple employees within three years. However, over the last year I hit a plateau that I haven’t been able to overcome.
We’ve had a challenge recruiting someone I could trust who also could handle the high demands in our business. I was losing hope. Participating in the Learning Ritual course and receiving coaching has helped me see this challenge from a different light and opened my eyes up to new ways of learning, Now, I’m on my way to taking my business to the next level, and I see the light at the end of the tunnel.”
– Sanda Solofoson, C O R E A L I, Madagascar
“Personal growth is super important and I have been slacking for so long (years). I work a full-time job and basically work the equivalent of another full-time job starting a new business. I finish work at 11pm every night, and I didn’t think I could find time to learn. After going through the course, I jumped to 10 hours of deliberate learning per week!””
– Benjamin Mena, Chief People Connector at Select Source Solutions


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