Unity Mobile Game – Create Your First Hyper Casual Game !



Learn, Create, Prototype a Hyper casual mobile game from scratch in less than a day!

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Course Duration:

9 sections • 43 lectures • 5h 6m total length


In this course, you will learn how to make a cool and fun Hyper Casual game.Together, we will go through creating variables, creating methods, putting code together, adding 3D models and even creating images. We will then put all of this together to Create a Complete Mobile Game you can play & even publish on the App Store & Google Play Store.At the end of this course, you’ll be able to :Create a similar game by yourselfAnimate a Human-like 3D ModelControl any object with your fingers (on the phone of course)Detect Collisions and apply a certain LogicControl the flow of your game ! Make Managers ! Like in the real life that will help you control your gameCreate basic UI ElementsOpen Unity and be proud of yourself cause you Finally Understand!This is only a small overview of what you’ll learn, I can’t put anything in here cause honestly, who’s going to read it ? Just Kiddin’ !The most important thing is that you’ll learn, A LOT ! And if you happen to have any questions, I will take your hand and Help until you clearly understand why I wrote or did this instead of that. I want YOU to learn because Making Games is Easy & Fun :)So if you want to impress your friends, have a good time making your own game, self publish your game and make money, publish the next Hit game with a big publisher, or just add a bunch of information to your brain’s knowledge database, this course is for you!Don’t wait anymore, and Enroll Now !______________________________________________________________________________________________________P.S. : Over time, I’m going to improve the course and add multiple sections such as:C# basicsUnity AdsAdmob AdsPolishing your gameThat way, you’ll have all the information you need to make an awesome game at the same place, for One Single Payment!


#A Computer with an internet connexion
#Some basic Unity knowledge is appreciated but not compulsory
#The will to understand and finish your game

What you’ll learn:

#How to create a simple Hyper Casual Game from scratch
#How to setup your project for mobile
#How to get / make the assets you’ll need for your Game
#Create a Logic for your Game

Who this course is for:

#Humans eager to learn how to make their own mobile game from scratch#Humans eager to create something they can share with their family and friends#Humans eager to publish their games with big publishers



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