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One my biggest struggles growing up was feeling like I wasn’t very smart. I’ve always been a clumsy, awkward dude that struggles to grasp concepts quickly. I do, however, have a strange confidence in myself. I believe deep down that anyone has potential to become a game developer. It’s possible to make a living from indie games!

I started creating my first commercial release in school, and continued its development while working a desk job I hated. I finished that game being completely self-taught. It was called Pinstripe, and since launching, the rest is history. I’ve consistently earned six-figures in revenue for half a decade. My games Pinstripe & Neversong have launched on pretty much every single platform, all while I’ve grown a large following of over 215,000 subscribers, teaching game development on YouTube. I even made a game for the world’s biggest YouTuber in just 14 days.

From Kickstarter to working with publishers, and everything in between, I’ve done it all. I know you can do it too, and I’m going to show you the short-cuts to success so you don’t have to wander around aimlessly for a decade like I did! Let’s do this!

Full Time Game Dev will take you from knowing nothing about game development to making money from your indie game on the Steam store. We’ll study branding, marketing, publishers, Kickstarter, C# coding, Unity development, PR, launching on Steam, and everything in between! After 10 years of making indie games (and also making a ton of mistakes), I’m thrilled to teach you what I’ve learned!


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    Good Course

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      hi can you tell us whats the issue i will try solve the issue

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