SuperHi – Data Visualization + D3.js


Learn how to create interactive, engaging experiences using HTML, CSS, SVG and Javascript.

Our Data Visualization course focuses on the practical aspects of working with data. In our 6-week long course, we’ll cover the basics of storytelling and working with data in a creative, fun way. You’ll learn how to create interactive, engaging experiences using HTML, CSS, SVG and Javascript.
This course, aimed at beginners, will teach you how to work with data and choose the right visuals to represent it effectively. We’ll introduce the basics of the powerful D3.js library used to animate and add interactions to your charts and graphs. You’ll also learn how to pull data from the web using Ajax.
You don’t need to be a designer or experienced coder to join the course but a little knowledge of HTML and CSS will help.

What you’ll learn​


The different types of data visualizations and how to use them effectively


How to work with and understand data sets and turn them into engaging experiences


How to use HTML, CSS, SVG to design charts and graphs


How to use Javascript to add animations, transitions and interactions to your experiences


An introduction to the fundamentals of the powerful Javascript library D3.js


Using Ajax to pull data from the web into your visualizations

16+ hours of video lessons – Practical, go-at-your-own pace learning
Access the community – Join our Slack and connect with thousands of SuperHi students and alumni
Continued help – Help from our expert teachers and educators with years of experience in the industry
Real world projects – Projects and code that you can alter and remix to add to your own sites and portfolio
Resources – Resources to get you started and going post-course

Anyone who is looking for ways to work with data-driven design or work closer with designers to implement beautiful visualizations of data.
We would recommend a little knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript before starting this course. Reading our Learn To Code Now book or taking either Foundation HTML, CSS + JS will be sufficient.

A computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) with the latest version of Chrome installed and a broadband internet connection. That’s it!


Page url

SuperHi – Data Visualization + D3.js.part1.rar [2 GB]

SuperHi – Data Visualization + D3.js.part2.rar [1.32 GB]


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