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Take full control of web graphics and give your site interactions a bit of flourish with movement and animation.

In this go-at-your-own-pace course, SuperHi has designed and produced a series of projects all about hand-coding, styling, and animating SVGs to bring scalable, performance-friendly illustrations to life in the browser.
The course includes 8+ hours of video lessons that will teach you how to handcraft animations with CSS, SVG, Javascript and GreenSock.
You’ll learn how to craft drawings with code in Figma and then animate their motion and styling with both CSS animations and the industry standard GreenSock Animation API (GSAP).
This is a great next step for students who already have some knowledge of HTML and CSS, or have completed our Foundation HTML, CSS + Javascript course.

What you’ll learn​


How to craft SVGs and SVG animations by hand.


How to use CSS and GreenSock to animate shapes and paths.


Create and apply special effects such as patterns and clip paths.


How to set up timelines, sequences, and click events.


How to make our animations feel more natural with easings and delays.


How to start self-initiated projects working with illustrations and UI animation.

Real world projects – Projects and code that you can alter and remix to add to your own sites and portfolio
Access the community – Join our Slack and connect with thousands of SuperHi students and alumni
Continued help – Help from our expert teachers and educators with years of experience in the industry
Resources – Resources to get you started and going post-course
8+ hours of video lessons – Practical, go-at-your-own pace learning

From graphic designers looking to bring movement to their creations to developers aiming to add a bit of pizzazz to their site interactions, this course is for anyone who wants to learn how to use animation techniques for full control of graphics on the web.
This is a beginner course when it comes to page transitions, though we would recommend basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and a bit of Javascript before starting. If you don’t have this just yet, trying our Learn To Code Now book, or taking our Foundation HTML, CSS + JS course will help you feel as prepared as possible.

A computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) with the latest version of Chrome installed and a broadband internet connection. You’ll also want to set up a Figma account. That’s it!


Page url

SuperHi – Animation for the Web.part1.rar [2 GB]

SuperHi – Animation for the Web.part2.rar [1001.67 MB]


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