Spring Security 5.x, Spring Boot 2 and KeyCloak 18 and 19



Along With AOP, Event Listening, Depth of Spring Security Internals, OAuth2 Authorization and Client Credentials Flow

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Course Duration:

10 sections • 111 lectures • 11h 4m total length


This Course will provide a solid foundation on the following Topics:· Spring Boot 2.6.x and above· Aspect Oriented Programming· Spring Security 5 Internal Workflows, Spring Security Architecture, Password Hashing, Storage and Matching, User Registration and Login· JPA Internals· KeyCloak 18 and KeyCloak 19 Authorization Server· OAuth2 Roles, Authorization Code and Client Credentials Grant Types· Architecture Diagrams to describe each OAuth2 Flows· KeyCloak Remote User Provider to perform External API/Database Authentication· Spring Profiles to Run Both KeyCloak 18 and 19 together· Explains Spring Security, Microservices, Spring Cloud Concepts using Daily Life Examples· Provides 6 fully developed Microservices with an architecture diagram· Spring Cloud API Gateway with powerful custom Request and Response Filter· Shows the concept of Co-Relation Id· Shows One Microservice calling another which is a very popular Real Life Use Case using Spring Security OAuth2 Client and Resource Server Dependencies.There is total 9 Sections with comprehensive theory explained to provide a background for Architects to be able to build new Applications based on Spring Security 5, Spring Boot, KeyCloak Authorization Server. This is not a Hello World Course that shows Spring Security and KeyCloak with simple but non-real Microservices. It has real Model classes, JPA, persists data in MySQL database.Percentage of Theory is about 15% targeted towards Architects who must have a solid knowledge-base.


#Basic Java 8 knowledge and familiarity with Spring Boot
#How to Install JDK, Gradle, Maven , MySQL with Text Based Guidance

What you’ll learn:

#Spring Boot Web, JPA, Spring Security 5.x OAuth2, KeyCloak 18 and 19
#Details of how Spring Security 5 works internally and Password Encryption
#Details of Aspect Oriented Programming or AOP, Event Listeners and Actuators
#KeyCloak OAuth2 Authorization Code and Client Credentials Grant Types with Theory and Real Code

Who this course is for:

#Java and Spring Boot Developers



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