Ryan Deiss – Agency Scale Accelerator 2022


What You Get:
– Expert coaching from ‘in-the-trenches’ agency owners over a 5-week program to help you stay motivated and consistent
– DigitalMarketer’s “Agency Scale Plan” which is a customized business plan to achieve your specific “Exit-Able” Agency goals.

– 10+ live sessions including Q&A, bonus trainings, and more
– Special Guest “Exit-Able” Agency Owners who own or operate agencies right now will share their stories, strategies, and best tips
– The ‘Exit-Able Agency Owner’ suite of templates and tools including fill-in-the-blank worksheets and strategy guides

Course Breakdown
Over the next 5 weeks, you will master the 5 stages of scale to build an ‘Exit-Able’ Agency. Mastery of these steps is truly the difference between being a stressed out, professional plate spinner and actually owning an asset that can provide you the revenue, freedom, and, eventually, the life-changing buyout you deserve. Each session will mix strategy with execution and you’ll get ‘in-the-trenches’ instruction from current agency owners and 8-figure entrepreneurs to give you a clear path to success. Here are the 5 steps to scale covered in this course.

Week 0:
The Hollywood Model
Get ready to kick things off for the next 5 weeks! This week we’ll meet together and you’ll get to know other agency owners in the accelerator. We will cover what you can expect from the training and how to get the most out of your time. Most importantly, we will cover exactly what the Hollywood Model is, why it’s so effective, and how to apply it to your agency. By the time we finish you’ll have a clear understanding of what it means to be an “Agency of the Future”, how to position your firm as a partner in growth with your clients, and why you need to STOP trying to Scale!

Week 1:
Package, position, and price your services (so YOU are no longer the product).
The first step in building an “Exit-Able” agency is making sure your service is the product, not you! When you do you can start to leverage your time and attention on increasing margins, client acquisition, and systematizing your operations. By the end of this week, you will clarify your ideal client so you can tailor an “irresistible offer”, lock in an elevator pitch that has prospects begging to work with you, streamline your services and offerings, and define your agency’s value engines.

Week 2:
Increase your margins so you’re finally paid what you’re worth (and so you can afford to pay others to do the work for YOU).
The next step in the process of scale is increasing your margins so you can increase your pay, invest back in your agency, and begin to partner with top notch specialists to do the work for you. By the end of this week, you’ll learn how to effectively monetize beyond done-for-you services, install profit maximizers, and bolt on a client referral engine to skyrocket sales and revenue quickly.

Week 3:
Delegate your processes through automation, outsourcing, technology, and hiring (so you can win back YOUR free time).
Now that you have a bit more time and a lot more money, it’s time to systematize your business. This includes identifying the critical people and processed that will support scale, WHAT to delegate now and HOW, and handing off polished processes with confidence. By the end of this week you’ll have the key to using automation, outsourcing, technology, and/or hiring that will result in world-class work for your clients.

Week 4:
Attract more prospects, convert more clients, and grow your retainers (so YOU can profitably scale your agency to the next level).
At this point, you are now finally ready to SCALE! This is really as simple as putting more gas into the engine that you have built to this point. At the same time, you will begin to learn how to start establishing authority in your industry, design an automated process for writing and presenting winning proposals, and continue to increase your perceived vaule to your clients through OTHERS in your organization, not just yourself.


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