React – Beginner to Advanced 2022 (+ Redux & Ecommerce App)



Learn React from the beginning. Build interesting projects. Gain confidence to start applying for jobs…

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Course Duration:

30 sections • 350 lectures • 52h 39m total length


Learn React From Absolute ScratchThis course would teach you the fundamentals and advanced React concepts via project-based learning.What you’ll learnThis course is for anyone that wants to learn React and also for React developers looking to build some projects and sharpen their skills.Requirements:– A good knowledge of JavaScript is required before you take this course.Here are some of the things you would learn:– React fundamentals including components, props, hooks, state, etc– React hooks such as useState, useEffect, useContext, useReducer, useRef, etc– Custom hooks– Learn how to use context and reducers to manage global state– Build powerful, fast, user-friendly and reactive web apps– Learn Redux and Redux Toolkit– Build more than 10 projects– Build a fullStack eCommerce website with React and Firebase– Deploy React apps to Netlify and Heroku– Much more…Here are some reasons why you should learn React right now1. React is declarativeIt’s a simpler way of developing apps, and you can learn why here.2. React Native makes app development easierWhen you learn React, you can transfer your skill to mobile development using React Native.You may have heard of the phrase “Write once, run anywhere” before. React Native brings that kind of philosophy to React with “Learn once, write anywhere”.3. The React community is amazingReact has a massive community of dedicated developers. The community helps to maintain and grow the open-source library, with everyone able to contribute their own components to the library.4. React is used by huge organisations


#Students should know the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript before taking this course.

What you’ll learn:

#Fundamentals of ReactJS
#React hooks and practical applications
#Build cool projects using ReactJS
#Learn the fundamentals of Redux and Redux Toolkit
#Learn the Latest Version of React Router V6
#Learn the latest version of Firebase V9
#Build a Fullstack Ecommerce App

Who this course is for:

#JavaScript developers that want to learn ReactJS



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    please give me google drive download link. I have tried to get download. but after last downloads fail. please help me to give direct download files except .zip or .rar file

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      Just scroll bellow & signin with your google drive then copy on your drive

      you can follow this video guide >>

      Process is same on here

      Use IDM or Any Download manager

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          password: ‘tutflix’ for all zip if required

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