PythonYoga – Python/Django + React QR Digital Menu Builder


Made for restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels. Your customers can order from their table or from their couch at home.​


Why QR Code for Menu?​

COVID-19 situations

Save on printing costs

Easily changeable without reprinting

Contactless and touchless experience

Update on the fly with new images and prices

Great ordering experience

What are we building?

A QR code menu builder that would replace your physical menu with a QR code digital menu with ordering and payment system. This tool is made for restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels.

Create digital menu

Create menus for different places

Create different categories

Upload images

Add items, description, prices

Preview menu in real-time

Customize digital menu

Change the font styles

Change the button color

All changes are in real-time

QR Code

QR code for different tables

Generate unique link for each QR code

Printing QR code


Scan the QR code to see the menu

Unique link for each table

Select food and change the quantity

Review and place orders

Payment with Credit card

Friendly UI with mobile


Page url

PythonYoga – Python _ Django + React QR Digital Menu Builder.part1.rar [2 GB]

PythonYoga – Python _ Django + React QR Digital Menu Builder.part2.rar [1.13 GB]


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