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10 sections • 55 lectures • 6h 56m total length


MVVM is the default pattern when building SwiftUI applications. I have been personally using the MVVM pattern since the inception of SwiftUI in 2019.After building hundreds of demos and prototypes, I started to notice issues with using MVVM patterns for SwiftUI applications. These issues resulted in adding needless complexity and constantly fighting the SwiftUI framework.In this course, I will explain a different pattern for building SwiftUI apps. This pattern is used by Apple to build their SwiftUI applications. The pattern is called the MV pattern, where M stands for Model and V is for View.Let’s check out the contents of the course:Understanding MV PatternIn this section you will learn the thinking behind the MV pattern and how it is different from the MVVM pattern. We will compare SwiftUI with WPF and conclude that in SwiftUI, the View is also the View Model.ValidationIn this section, you will learn how to perform validation using MV pattern. These validation techniques are inspired from the React framework. You will learn how to perform simple validation, inline validation and even validation summary.Coffee Order – [Project Time]In this section, you will be building a complete Coffee Ordering application integrated with a JSON API. You will learn how to create an aggregate root model and webservice layer, which allows the app to consume and present data. You will also learn how to write end-to-end tests for your application.Budget App – [Project Time]In this section, you will learn how to build a SwiftUI app using MV pattern, which uses Core Data to persist information on the device. You will learn to use property wrappers including @FetchRequest and @Environment, which makes working with Core Data a breeze.Who is this course for?Developers who wants to learn Apple’s way of building SwiftUI applicationsDevelopers who wants to stop fighting the SwiftUI framework and start building iOS appsDevelopers who wants to start using all the power and flexibility provided by the SwiftUI frameworkDevelopers who wants to write less code to achieve moreThis course will serve as an eye opener to many developers and will provide a lot of information on a different and easier way for building SwiftUI applications.After this course, you will be ready to start building your apps using the MV pattern.Let’s get started.


#Knowledge of SwiftUI framework is required
#Knowledge of Swift language is required
#Understanding of MVVM pattern is recommended

What you’ll learn:

#Writing SwiftUI apps using MV pattern
#Learn to build SwiftUI apps based on Apple’s recommendations
#Learn how MVVM might be adding unnecessary code to your SwiftUI apps
#Learn to write end-to-end tests for your application
#Apply MV pattern for client/server applications
#Learn to build Core Data apps and @FetchRequest and @Environment property wrappers

Who this course is for:

#Developers who wants to learn how to build SwiftUI apps using MV pattern#Developers who wants to learn how to Apple constructs their SwiftUI applications#Developers who wants to stop fighting the SwiftUI framework and start being productive



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