MERN Stack Project Course 2022 – Build Fullstack React App



Learn MERN Stack By Building an Advanced E-commerce App incl. Product Attributes, SocketIO, Real Time Chat,Charts & More

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Course Duration:

14 sections • 323 lectures • 30h 28m total length


In this course, you will learn the MERN Stack by building an amazing e-commerce application from scratch. The application will have not only basic functionalities such as a shopping cart and product search, but also advanced things such as chat, real-time sales charts, product attributes (e.g. product color to choose from), creating testable components in React and other things (see free videos and curriculum).MERN Stack is a very popular development kit for building web applications. MERN consists of MongoDB (as a database), Express (a framework to make it easier to use Node), React (to create user interfaces), and Node (as a server). You will learn how to combine all four technologies together and build an advanced fully responsive e-commerce application step by step.In the first part, you will learn the basics of MERN Stack and the JSX extension. Thanks to JSX we can easily create components in React. I will also show you the entire application and give you some tips about VS Code and downloadable resources. And the rest of this course is about covering and going through the steps of creating each MERN Stack application from scratch using e-commerce as example app. I will explain you everything in elegant and understandable way. You will deeply understand Redux using real life scenarios.We’ll start by installing React and creating an HTML template for the entire application (using React Bootstrap). We will link the created subpages with routingNext, we will install Express JS to handle the Node server for our applicationWe will connect to the MongoDD database and save example data to this database, such as a list of products for the storeWe will create an API through which the frontend will retrieve data from the database, log in to the application, etc.Once we have the frontend, backend and API, we can connect everything together and develop the application further by supplementing the frontend code with backend operationsWe will test our app using Jest & Testing LibrarySome of the e-commerce app features:shopping cartlogin, registerPayPal paymentupload images to Cloudinary and to local disksearching, sorting, filtering, pagination of product listmultilevel categoriesbestsellers carouselstar rating system and reviewsreal time sales charts using SocketIOchat using SocketIOdeploy application to HerokuReact local stateRedux statebeautiful functional programming using React HooksMuch more!Please go through the curriculum and see free videos to get better understanding of the courseAlmost all of my students are satisfied with my courses! Take a look at some of the comments from them:”I loved this course, the author explains everything in a good way, even for me non native speaker. I was a bit scared to do an english course but it paid off.Thanks a lot and greetings from Germany”another:”This course is outstanding! It covers ground that no other course does. The instructor is well organized and thorough in all his examples and explanations. I’m looking forward to more of his courses.”Sign up for the course now and become a MERN Stack web developer !!!


#JavaScript language at least intermediate level
#ES6 syntax (object de-structuring and arrow functions)
#Basics of HTML & CSS
#Basics of React is recommended but not a must-have

What you’ll learn:

#Learn How To Combine MongoDB, Express, React, NodeJS (MERN Stack)
#How To Create Fullstack Web Applications (Frontend + Backend) From Scratch Using MERN Stack
#How To Create Testable and Maintainable React Components
#How To Test Your App using Jest & Testing Library & Postman/Insomnia
#Understand Redux With Real Life Scenarios
#Create Real Time Chat and Chart
#Much much more

Who this course is for:

#Everyone who wants to build full stack web applications using MERN Stack#Everyone who wants to add to the portfolio an advanced MERN Stack project



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