Max Stoiber – Bedrock: Jumpstart your next SaaS product


Jumpstart your next SaaS product with Bedrock​

The modern full-stack Next.js & GraphQL boilerplate with user authentication, subscription payments, teams, invitations, emails and everything else you need


Bedrock combines all the best tools the JS ecosystem has to offer and makes them work well together. This means you get the best developer experience and can just focus on building your product.

There is absolutely no magic in Bedrock, just a bunch of glue code to make all of these tools best friends. You do not have to know most of these technologies to be productive and Bedrock is designed so you can easily remove all the optional tools!


  • User authentication
    Authenticate users without worrying about security and storing passwords. Users get a magic link sent to their email and as soon as they click it they’re logged in!
  • Team support
    Bedrock is ready for teams out of the box. Users can create “projects”, each of which has its own billing and members. The pre-built invitation system allows users to invite their colleagues to their projects.
  • Subscription payments
    Securely accept subscription payments with Stripe Checkout. Bedrock comes ready for any plans you want (including yearly, per-seat pricing and everything else) and already handles invoices, billing management, PCI compliance, and much more.
  • Unstyled
    Bedrock comes without any kind of styling or component library because, let’s be honest, you’d just delete it anyway. The frontend contains the minimal code necessary to make the functionality work. Make it look the way you want it to by bringing your own component library or using any open source one!
  • GraphQL API & integrations
    Enjoy the fantastic developer experience of creating a GraphQL API with Nexus & Prisma and querying it with urql. Bedrock also comes with token-based API authentication, allowing users to programmatically integrate with your product.
  • Adjustable to your preferences
    Bedrock is designed to be modular so you can fine-tune it to your preferences. All tools except for Next.js are completely optional and can easily be removed or swapped for your favorite alternative. (learn more)
  • The best developer experience
    There is a lot of fantastic tooling in the JavaScript ecosystem, but making it all work well together can be tricky. Bedrock comes with everything you need, configured perfectly, so you (and your team) can move fast.
  • Type-safe from the database to the client
    Move fast thanks to TypeScript catching your bugs before you even hit “Save”. Rename a field in the database schema or GraphQL API? TypeScript will immediately highlight where you need to update your code.
  • Code generation
    Bedrock leverages code generation where it can so you have to code less and move faster. Prisma generates a custom ORM and migrations from your database schema, Nexus generates a custom GraphQL API from your ORM and GraphQL Codegen generates React hooks for fetching data from your GraphQL API.
  • Infinite scalability
    Thanks to serverless, you never have to worry about scaling your servers. No matter how much traffic your product gets, Next.js will be able to handle it.


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