Mark Cloutier – Micro Content Mastery


What You Get:

MODULE 1: Short Form Lead Generation

In this module you’ll learn how to get inbound leads while strategically targeting dream clients for short form content.
MODULE 2: Micro Content Sales Savagery

How to close micro content deals so clients get excited about paying you for MONTHS without needing to get on them about invoicing.
MODULE 3: Pre Micro Game Plan

The preproduction process. Every battle is won before it is fought. It’s the same thing with creating micro content. In this module you will learn how to set proper expectations for your clients and game plan your entire production before getting your camera out of its bag, if you even have to use your camera.
MODULE 4: Micro Producer Pro

In this module you will learn how to strategically film a ton of videos in a short amount of time, which only adds value to your business, and saves your clients time, making you more valuable in the process.
MODULE 5: Post Production Mastery

How to create engaging edits that drive social media growth, inquiries, and make your clients feel like the next influencer.
MODULE 6: Copy Paste Post Strategy

Clients can’t get results if the videos are never posted right? Learn the best practices on content distribution so you can get quick results for clients immediately and have them stay longer.

Trello Board Management System

Our trello board management system we use to create and distribute 200+videos per month


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