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Learn How To Answer Interview Questions In English To Impress, Get The Job or Pass The Speaking Test

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Hello there, Thanks for dropping by and having a look at this courseGetting the call to attend a job interview is a fantastic result, but this is when the real work starts. How are you going to prepare and what are you going to say?For native English speakers this can be quite scary but for a non-native English speaker this must be doubly difficulty and daunting.It’s a fact of life in  a lot of countries that having the ability to get a job or a career that you speak English can really up your income levels and change your life!So preparing for a job interview in English is where you are going to have to start.I’m Ajarn Ken and since 2008 I’ve been so lucky to have travelled extensively throughout the world and in that time I have helped more than 7,280 students improve their English skills and their confidence speaking English. I helped, coached and mentored university graduates preparing for job interviews with international companies where English was the spoken language between colleagues and customers.Hundreds of my students are still working as cabin crew with airlines all over the world and being able to pass the interview with confident English skills was the start of their new life.This course will show you how not only to be confident to answer everyday interview questions in English but also to confidently provide back up examples that you can use to really enhance and improve your chances of getting that job.Examples are so important as they make you believable and trustworthy at the interview and put you ahead of the competition by showing you understand the interview question AND being confident and competent enough to give a real example of your experience.This course will:give you an overview of the questionlet you into what the interviewer may be looking for from youshow you how to structure your response so you come across as confidentguide you how to finish your response positively – even if it’s a negative questiongive you the skills so the interviewer is interested in you and your experienceprovide you with the skills to answer almost any interview questionThere are also bonuses giving you an insight into interview questions, preparation, topics to prepare and how to introduce yourself.This has already helped thousands of my students be confident English speakers and communicators – not just for jobs but also for speaking tests and general storytelling in English. You can get all that experience from all those students plus my own experience teaching, travelling and learning languages. I really look forward to helping you on your journey to excellent English skillsBest wishesAjarn Ken


#Elementary English Learners
#Intermediate English Learners
#Advanced English Learners

What you’ll learn:

#The Types of Questions That Interviewers Ask And How To Prepare For These
#What Details The Interviewer Is Looking For In A Question
#How To Tell An Interesting Story About Your Experience That Is Relevant To The Interview Question
#Show You Can Completely Understand The Question
#How To Guide The Interview Towards Your Main Strengths
#Tips, Advice and Guidance On Your Main Experience Topics To Talk About
#How To Prepare and Structure Your Response
#How To Answer With the Most Effective Details and Positively Finish Your Response
#Guidance On How To Introduce Yourself At An Interview
#How To Overcome Any Nervousness and Get The Interview Off To A Good Start

Who this course is for:

#Non-Native English Speakers Preparing For a Cabin Crew Interview#English Learners Preparing For a Job Interview in English or Speaking Test#English Learners Preparing For a Speaking Test and Exam#Non-Native Speakers Wanting To Practice Presentations in English



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