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Comprehensive Flutter course to quickly and effectively start professional app development. And much more!

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Course Duration:

5 sections • 62 lectures • 15h 45m total length


With this course, we empower developers worldwide and unite them in a great community!Get started with app development with FlutterThis course goes far beyond the basics and differs from other courses in that you learn really professional app development based on years of Flutter Freelancer experience.We’ll show you what really matters in a project. – Not only how to build a cool UI…We learn how to build a software architecture that is maintainable, scalable and efficient. Here you will learn the things that will accompany you throughout your career and really help you as a clear concept for the architecture of your software, the testing and how we deal with dependencies.Don’t worry – there’s something for everyone here. Whether you’re an experienced developer or a complete beginner – We’ll meet you at your level of experience and abstraction and guide you by the hand from the first small Flutter App to professional software architecture, functional programming, testing and much more.In this still young framework, there are few people who are really good. This means there are many possibilities here. With the ever-increasing number of apps implemented with the Flutter Framework, so does the demand for capable developers. And you can become one of them!Also: Flutter and the Dart language are great, really fun to develop and play around with!Flutter Community We already have the largest active German Flutter Community on our own Discord server. Now we want to create also a server for the Englisch Community where you can exchange ideas with other developers and support each other. We look forward to having you with us too!✅  UP TO DATE: The course and all projects were last updated in September 2022.✅  Latest Update – Flutter Version: 3.3.0✅  Course Compatible with Flutter Version 2.5 +What will we learn?Content:Basic course Dart – basics of programmingBasic course Flutter – basics of app development with FlutterWhat’s next? – road mapClean architecture – professional development with Flutter⭐️ Dart BasicsIn this course you will first get to know the basics of programming in Dart. We will also dive into the essential parts of programming using Dart language and we will learn how to set up our development environment and deal with the Code Editor VS Code. We’ll start with the basic knowledge of what a variable actually is and then work our way up to object orientation and asynchronous programming.⭐️ Flutter BasicsHere we’ll give you an introduction to the most important elements of UI creation with the Flutter Framework and teach you all  you need to write your own user interfaces for your apps. From the explanation of how the framework works, to the use of individual UI components, themes, animations, navigation and much more, everything is included!⭐️ Clean Architecture [coming soon]Based on a simple app that we will develop, we will learn how proper app development with clean software architecture works. We will implement this small and simple app with a bulletproof clean code software architecture (clean layer separation), which you can use for any customer app. Once you have internalized this architecture and type of work, your software will achieve extremely high quality standards. We integrate the BLoC pattern into our project and thus cleanly separate business logic from UI, so we have a very clean and testable project. Dependency injection and functional programming are just a few tools that will support us on our way. Of course, we will also cover unit testing, widget testing and integration testing to check our app for everything.❗️ Important: In this course, we aim to give you all the knowledge you need to start app development with Flutter quickly and effectively. We are not too “obsessed with details” and will not go into all the complex background processes that you are taught in an university course, for example. Rather we will dive into praxis as soon as possible.Our focus is on practicality, quality and – last but not least- fun.


#This course is suitable for programming beginners and for people who come from another language and want to get started with app development with Flutter.

What you’ll learn:

#Setup Dart&Flutter environment (Windows, Mac..)
#Dart Syntax. Learn and use the basics of the programming language Dart.
#All the important basics of the Flutter Framework in one small app. UI, navigation, animations, theming
#Upcoming: Professional Software Development: Clean software architecture implemented in an app that you can use as a template at any time.
#Upcoming: Layer Seperation
#State Management with BLoC/Cubit & Provider
#Upcoming: Dependency Injection
#Upcoming: Unit Testing, Widget Testing & Integration Testing
#The course is always CURRENT and will be expanded!
#Extra: Discord Community !
#This course is the English version of the best rated german Flutter course on Udemy!

Who this course is for:

#Everyone who wants to quickly and effectively immerse themselves in mobile app development benefits here. We are German Flutter Freelancers and have already been able to successfully implement many projects – we would like to share our experience of the last few years with you to help you start developing your projects successfully.#We develop several apps together, get to know clean software architecture in Flutter and of course put our apps through their paces. We’ll take you by the hand and show you everything from scratch.#This course is the English version of the best German Flutter course on Udemy!



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