FiveM Lua Scripting



Learn the ways of FiveM Resource Making. Learn Lua, HTML, Javascript & CSS!

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Course Duration:

13 sections • 48 lectures • 4h 21m total length


Hello, My name is Sem, I’m a 16 year old Full Stack Developer, I currently know: HTML, JS, CSS, Lua, Python, Java, JS & C#.I currently have over 2,5 years of experience in FiveM Development (and other games such as GMOD, Minecraft, Rust & making some own games).I get the question “Can you teach me to develop for FiveM” alot and thats the main reason I’m making this course, I also really enjoy the game itself and I help alot of servers to make custom things.In this course I will show you how to make resources for FiveM without any previous knowledge. I will also show you how to install FiveM, Visual Studio code and how to make a server on your own computer. You will also be learning the basics of HTML, JS & CSS. I will be going over normal FiveM scripting, QBCore Scripting and ESX Scripting. I’m very active so I respond quick to questions. This course doesn’t only teach you to make FiveM resources but also a good Lua, HTML, JS & CSS understanding. This course will help you along your way on alot of other games that use the same coding language, such as GMOD. Have a nice day!


#GTA 5 Installed (Legal Copy)
#No coding experience to enroll

What you’ll learn:

#FiveM Lua Scripting (No knowledge needed)
#Understanding of Lua
#ESX Scripting
#QBCore Scripting
#Understanding of SQL
#HTML, JS, CSS Knowledge
#You can make your own FiveM scripts that you can sell or use.
#Make custom maps for FiveM

Who this course is for:

#Beginners that want to know Lua and to make resources for FiveM#Mediate FiveM Developers that want to spread their knowledge#Experts who want to learn other frameworks



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