[EBook] Pure React v4.2 (w/ Excercises and Examples)

Pure React
Learn to think in React​

You don’t know React.​

But not for lack of trying!

Tutorials, books, courses, podcasts, blog posts… you’ve done ’em all, or you’ve tried to.

You’ve followed along, and sure, it made at least some kind of sense while you were assiduously reproducing each step, but just when you reach the end, everything you supposedly learned just…


from your mind into a vast, grey nothingness: The Fog of Uncertainty (or “FU”, for short).

The Fog

It’s true that when you do those tutorials, you get a result! But you don’t really know how. Or why. Or how you could use what you just learned — pardon me, “learned” — to create your app, from scratch. You sit down to try and it just…



You live in The Fog now.

React has turned you from a living, breathing human capable of learning and doing all kinds of things, into a throbbing question mark:

  • Where do I start?
  • What do I do next?
  • Which pieces should I use?
  • How will it all hang together?

And the biggest question mark of all…

“Why can’t I seem to learn this??”​

You don’t think you’re incapable. You’re a developer. Of course you can learn to develop a new way! And of course, other people have managed to learn React. Clearly, it’s not impossible.

Maybe if you tried harder…?

Reached back to one of those as-yet-unhelpful tutorials and tried your best to pound it into your brain — again?

But those tutorials really aren’t helping.

If you could learn how React, at its core, actually works…​

If you could wrap your hands and brain around the core of React, the technology, the mindset, itself

You’d know

  • where to start
  • what to do next
  • which pieces you should use
  • how it all hangs together

Because you’d have a functional mental model to guide your hypotheses and trials. A strong framework of understanding to hang all the little bits on.

Time to start a new project? No problem! You could sit right down and start from scratch, with confidence and momentum. Free yourself from the hunt-and-pluck tutorial.

Overwhelming ecosystem? You got this. Armed with your mental model, you’d be able to unravel the complexity. You’d… just… get how all those extra libraries, tools, and techniques fit into the React world as a whole, and your needs in specific.

You could see React components when you look at designs for your project.

You could think in React.

You could feel like your savvy, capable self again.

Fog begone. Forever!

Burnt away by the sunlight of comprehension.

Plus, of course, you’d be able to reap all the expected benefits from mastering React — like power, flexibility, jobs… But you already know all about those.

Rather than making things easier — rather than giving you a calm, clear, simple framework you could use to build yourself out of the Fog of unknowingness — they pile more confusion on.

That’s why, when you learn with Pure React…

  1. You dive deep into React, in isolation… focusing on learning the mental models that make React so powerful (and challenging, at first)
  2. You build multiple achievable, standalone projects, each focusing on one small thing… so you can complete each one in a reasonable amount of time, and walk away remembering what you learned (and have a little fun!)
  3. You learn core concepts that don’t change, so your new React skills stand the test of time — and the overall ecosystem’s rapid churn and growth

The book-only version of Pure React has sold over 2,000 copies and helped so many developers like you (and me!).



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