[Ebook] 14 Habits of Highly Productive Developers


You can learn the most popular frameworks, use the best programming languages, and work at the biggest tech companies, but if you cultivate bad habits, it will be hard for you to become a top developer.

This book doesn’t offer a straight path or pre-defined formula of success. This book is a result of a quest. A quest to uncover what habits can be cul
What’s inside?
Part One: Principles

  1. Hello World
  2. Methodology
  3. Why Habits?

Part Two: Learning Habits

  1. Habit 1: Look For The Signals
  2. Habit 2: Focus On The Fundamentals
  3. Habit 3: Teaching Equals Learning

Part Three: Daily Habits

  1. Habit 4: Be Boring
  2. Habit 5: Do It For Your Future Self
  3. Habit 6: Your 9-to-5 Is Not Enough

Part Four: Career Habits

  1. Habit 7: Master The Dark Side
  2. Habit 8: Side Projects
  3. Habit 9: Mario or Sonic?

Part Five: Team Habits

  1. Habit 10: Active Listening
  2. Habit 11: Don’t Underestimate
  3. Habit 12: Specialist vs. Generalist

Part Six: Life Habits

  1. Habit 13: Control Your Variables
  2. Habit 14: Stop Waiting


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