ByteGrad – Professional CSS Course


Professional CSS Course
This is the #1 resource to master modern CSS! Take your CSS to an advanced, professional level by building 2 beautiful, real-world projects from scratch.

CSS3 overall
Grid & Flexbox
Animations & Transitions
Best practices in 2022
Responsive for mobile
CSS units (px/rem/vh)
Advanced CSS
BONUS: pro design + HTML

What You’ll Learn​

Avoid struggling with CSS for years to come.
01 How to code CSS in 2022 by building description key “C3mcs5ApCzwKGIlLKRiOQv-NaDIzqKiSZuOqKXKNsuE” realistic projects from scratch and seeing how it all fits together
02 Avoid hundreds of beginner mistakes so the people who have to interact with your code have it easy
03 Implement simple-to-complex layouts with Flexbox & CSS Grid
04 Crucial best practices that every CSS-coder should know (e.g. use rem instead of px)
05 Implement common CSS animations & transitions
06 Implement Responsive Web Design (RWD) for mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop with media queries (@media)
07 Use the most popular CSS pre-processor (Sass/SCSS) and the value it adds
08 What’s different about coding CSS in React/Vue (BEM, CSS Modules, CSS-in-JS)
09 Implement a simple build process for CSS (add vendor prefixes and minify CSS file)
10 BONUS: By going through the course you’ll naturally improve design and HTML too


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Notes: If this Author or Course helped you improve your life. It is really worth it if you go and buy his/her course. Get feedback, support and help by his/her community. The Author support is much more valuable than the course itself.

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