Advanced Animations in PowerPoint: 12 inspiring walkthroughs



12 easy to follow animation walkthroughs to show you how to quickly apply animation techniques to your slides

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Good animation can be a wonderful tool to enhance the clarity of your message!This course contains 12 short walkthrough PowerPoint animation examples. Each one will provide you with understanding of a key animation feature that can be used to take your slide design to the next level.All of the examples are included for download.Some of the default animations used in PowerPoint can be worse than having no animation at all, but using animation that supports the content can bring your slides to life and engage your audience.We will use the powerful morph transition to create a roller counter, and create an animated custom chart using motion paths.I will show you how to create a looping light animation and output it to video and explain how multiple animations on individual letters can create a sketch style text effect.You will learn to create your own custom transitions and we will finish by using custom motion paths and varied animation speeds to create a natural looking snowfall effect.By the end of this course you will be able to apply the skills learnt to create animations that you would have previously thought impossible in PowerPoint.We will use the spin animation with repeat option to create an animated clock and show how you can bring your slides to life using video in the background while animating text over the top.I will show you how to create an interactive menu using animated 3D models and explain how to create an image mask to add depth to any design.You will learn to use the morph transition to create and animate a 3D rotating tablet and we will finish by using the draw tools and ink replay to create text that looks as if it is drawing out.I hope you enjoy the class and please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions. Thanks! Alan.


#Microsoft 365 recommended or PowerPoint 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019

What you’ll learn:

#Create stunning animations directly in PowerPoint
#Use the morph tool to create complex animations easily
#Motion paths to make a custom chart animation
#Output your PowerPoint animation to video to share on social platforms
#Make your own custom transitions to bring your slides to life
#Add multiple effects to one element to make bespoke animations
#Make your animations more realistic using easing and duration
#Loop animations and use hacks to take your animations to the next level
#Combine animations with video to create engaging effects
#Interact with your slides using the power of the slide zoom feature
#Animate 3D models to give your slides impact
#Image mask and animate without using other software
#Animate your own 3D shapes between slides
#Use the ink replay feature to animate the writing out of text

Who this course is for:

#Anyone who wants to learn new animation techniques quickly#Anyone who wants to create stunning animations directly in PowerPoint#Anyone who wants to create outstanding slides#Anyone who wants to build engaging presentations



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