Adobe Premiere Pro 2022: The comprehensive A-Z course



Become a Premiere Pro-fessional with the help of exciting project examples! Includes video material and handout.

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Course Duration:

7 sections • 46 lectures • 5h 59m total length


Are you interested in video editing and want to be able to create professional productions for social media, TV, and more? Then there’s no getting around the industry standard Adobe Premiere Pro.Of course, in a basic section, you’ll learn about the user interface, workspaces, preferences and tools. I’ll also show you how to create exceptional text, animate your elements with keyframes, how masks and green screen can lead to even better videos and how highly professional color edits can take your sequences to the next level.Throughout the course, we’ll use fascinating project examples that encourage you to get involved and reinforce the knowledge you’ve learned in a practical way. For example, we’ll create our own Instagram reel and Youtube intro, stabilize a shaky drone video, turn our own voice into a deep trailer voice, track objects, and much more.I’ll also show you how to link Premiere Pro with other Adobe products like After Effects, how to create your own presets, we’ll consider the best render settings for your individual project and we’ll go over useful external sources and templates.For you, there’s not only a handout with the most important keyboard shortcuts, but also downloadable video footage that I shot via drone, among other things, for this course to collaborate on.So this one is a real A-Z masterclass on Premiere Pro!If you are passionate about video creation and want to learn and understand Adobe Premiere Pro, the most professional and intuitive program available, then this course might be for you. If you are willing to use realistic examples to apply your knowledge to projects in a way that will stick with you, then this course is definitely for you!Enroll today – I am confident that I can repay your trust in me with content and I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for Premiere Pro with you!…Regardless of that, I’m always available for questions, comprehension problems or suggestions in the comment section or via private message.


#You should have a relatively powerful PC or laptop with Internet access.
#You should be aware that this course provides you with all the tools and knowledge you need to understand Adobe Premiere Pro in theory. In order to memorize this knowledge, it is recommended for you to open Premiere Pro while watching, work along and pause the videos again and again in between.

What you’ll learn:

#You’ll learn and understand the Premiere Pro user interface and workspaces.
#You’ll learn to import media, create sequences and use the editing tools effectively.
#You’ll learn to create engaging texts, keyframe and animate them along with other elements of your sequences.
#You’ll add fascinating effects to your videos, understand masks and learn how to work with green screen.
#You’ll get to know the possibilities of simple, as well as highly professional color editing of video clips with the help of realistic examples.
#You’ll comprehend several ways to adjust playback speeds and directions.
#You’ll have fun collaborating with exciting project examples: Create your own Youtube channel intro, stabilize shaky drone video, edit trailer voice and more.
#You’ll highlight different project and render settings to get the most out of your videos, depending on what you’re looking to achieve.
#You’ll discover how to link Premiere Pro with other products in the Adobe suite, such as After Effects, to work as efficiently as possible.
#You’ll learn about optional useful plug-ins and extras to take your video editing to the next level.
#You’ll receive a handout with the most important keyboard shortcuts for quick and lasting use.
#You’ll have access to professional video footage for your own collaboration, which I have recorded for this course by drone and GoPro.

Who this course is for:

#Premiere Pro newcomers who want to build comprehensive knowledge and understanding in a complete course.#Premiere Pro advanced users who want to learn even more about techniques and effects in a variety of use cases to further improve their workflow.



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