3 Portfolio Projects with Laravel + Blade, Vue JS, React JS



Laravel Full Stack Portfolio Project

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4 sections • 56 lectures • 8h 31m total length


This is the course to take if you want to learn how to create Laravel portfolio project.The method I teach in this course will work on any version of Laravel. So, not only will it work on Laravel 9.Here we are going to create all the work from scratch so without a package.So tag along and let’s go for a nice ride!In this course, you will learn how to create Laravel CRUD for Skills and Projects. Learn how to create Laravel portfolio with blade and Alpine JS. You are going to learn also how to create custom blade directives. We are going to customize the Tailwind CSS.Create the same project with VueJS and React.Consume the API from the Laravel project.Learn how to get data from Laravel and work with that on Vuejs project.Learn how to get data from Laravel and work with that on React project.Master Laravelby creating full-stack portfolio projects and sharing data throw API and consuming the data with Vue JS and react.This Course shows you how Laravel work as a backend and the three main frontend frameworks to work on the frontend.Want more about Laravel see my Laravel role and permissions course.


#You need to know Laravel, vuejs and react.

What you’ll learn:

#Create Full stack application with Laravel
#Create portfolio project with Laravel, Blade and Alpine JS
#Create Vuejs Portoflio project
#Create React JS Portoflio project

Who this course is for:

#Laravel VueJS and ReactJS beginners



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